Copper Baby Pro - 2L Mini Still

Introducing Copper Baby Pro Still, a 2-litre mini still crafted for ergonomic design, aesthetic appeal, and exceptional functionality. It is made entirely from copper and stainless steel with brass fittings, ensuring both durability and ease of use. Copper Baby Pro Still is an ideal choice for gin schools, recipe development, and small-batch experimentation with botanical spirits such as gin, spiced rum, flavoured vodka, and essential oil distillation.

Featuring an easily removable head securely fixed with a tri-clamp and a Liebig-style condenser, Copper Baby Pro Still allows for easy water flow regulation, unlike products with a worm tub condenser, which are prone to spillage.  It comes equipped with a powerful hot plate and adjustable feet for effortless setup and stability during operation. With its user-friendly features and superior specifications, Copper Baby Pro Still sets a new standard for quality and performance in the mini still market.

The package includes parts and fittings allowing connection to a water source, an alcohol refractometer, an operational/installation manual, and a Gin recipe example.

Distillation of gin, spiced rum, or any other spirit crafted from duty-paid alcohol no longer necessitates a special license in the UK.


  • Working Capacity: 2 litres
  • Copper Thickness: 1.2 mm
  • Material: Copper with Stainless Steel fittings
  • Weight (without hot plate): 2kg
  • Dimensions: 56.5cm (height) x 17.5cm (Length) x 17.5cm (Width)
  • Diameter of the Opening: 4”
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Water Condenser Length: Condensing Length 24cm, Total Length 40cm, Height 26cm
  • Hot Plate: Power Adjustable, 800W, 220 volts, 50Hz, 14.2×14.2x12cm
  • Adjustable feet to enable compatibility with other hotplates 
  • Hose Included: 9mm Inner Diameter, 2 x 1,5m
  • 4 x Hose Clips (11mm)
  • Type I plug with UK/EU adapter 
  • Adapter for garden hose/standard kitchen tap
Copper Baby Pro, 2-litre Mini Still on white background

Professionals seeking to order multiple mini stills for distilleries and/or gin schools, please contact us directly.

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