Licence support services include

Compounders & Rectifiers

This license is issued by HMRC and is required for businesses engaged in compounding or rectifying spirits. Compounding involves mixing spirits with other ingredients, while rectifying involves purifying or redistilling spirits, often incorporating botanicals into the process.

AWRS (Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme) is a mandatory registration scheme for businesses involved in wholesaling alcohol.

Required for establishments selling alcohol on their premises. This license is obtained from the local licensing authority  

A personal license is required for individuals responsible for the sale of alcohol at a licensed premises. To obtain a personal license, one must undergo relevant training and pass an exam.

This is a core license for distillers and is issued by HMRC. It allows businesses to legally produce spirits from scratch through distillation.

(Warehousekeepers and Owners of Warehoused Goods Regulations). Allows the individual or business to be registered as owners and hold duty suspended goods in a third party warehouse. 

If you’re producing spirits for commercial purposes, you need approval from HMRC for duty suspension in a warehouse by an authorised warehousekeeper.


The Craft Distilling Business also offers extended support through a trusted partner, providing services such as:

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