We build stills for hydro, solvent or steam distillation, enabling the extraction of essential oils from plant-based materials

Whether you’re starting out as an essential oil distiller or a seasoned expert, we give clients as much time and support as they need to feel comfortable operating their distillation equipment and producing their chosen essential oil. Training begins ahead of installation and only stops when the client no longer needs our help. Our phones are on 7 days a week.  We are happy to take calls and offer advice at any time.

Obtaining relevant licenses from HMRC and local government can be an onerous part of setting up as an essential oil distiller, if ethanol is used as a base solvent. We work closely with clients, to ensure they have all the relevant licenses to start production legally and that compliance procedures are in place.

Great products don’t sell themselves. How they look is as important as the blend itselt. CDB can support on all elements of the marketing mix around your essential oil proudction, including label design, packaging suppliers, ecommerce websites, social media, PR and advertising.

We are happy to work with individuals and businesses on a project basis. All our consultancy services can be purchased in isolation, at a set project fee or on a day rate. If you need any support in relation to setting up as an essential oil distiller, we would be delighted to talk to you.

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