‘Ivy’ the beautiful copper still at Wild Fox Distillery was installed in 2019 and makes ‘Farm to Bottle Gin’ using fruits and botanicals from the orchards and hedgerows

The Project

Living and working on the family farm, Lizzie wanted to start a new business that enabled her to be flexible with her time and work around her kids, but that would also complement the existing farm business.

Wild Fox Distillery was up and running within 3 months of the project kick-off, Lizzie had a very clear vision about the spirit that she wanted to create and the brand positioning.

With help from The Craft Distilling Business, she has been able to achieve exactly what she set out to do and has a wide and varied customer portfolio in Lancashire and beyond.

Matt and Nessie worked with me to make a dream reality. They have supported me every step of the way in setting up Wildfox Distillery, answering questions about everything and anything relating to craft spirit production and distillery management. We started working with them 2 years ago and they are as responsive today as they were on day 1.
Lizzie Billington
Wild Fox Gin Distillery
Fogg Micro Distillery Diagram – The Craft Distilling Business
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